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4G, Satellite, Fibre & Broadband

Delivering superfast Internet where BT can't deliver ADSL is our speciality

Superfast 4G, Fibre, ADSL & Satellite Broadband

4G and Satellite Broadband are the perfect alternatives to ADSL or Fibre Internet connections where BT haven't connected your village or you are in a rural location where it's unlikely you'll be able to access the network. Criccieth TV are North Wales' specialist supplier of 4G and Satellite Broadband that can deliver speeds of up to 30Mb/s and beyond.


How Satellite Broadband works

Send & Receive Satellite Internet

Rather than just receiving a signal like SkyTV satellite broadband sends a signal from a dish on your house office to a satellite 22,000 miles up in space. The signal is then sent back down to the Internet Backbone every other broadband customer uses and then your information is transmitted back to you.

How fast is Satellite Broadband?

You can expect speeds similar to that of SuperFast Internet like BT or PlusNet so around 30Mbs in any location in North Wales or the UK for that matter. As the signal is travelling further than broadband to reach you there is a tiny delay, but not one that is noticable.


4G Coverage

Wales is particulary bad for broadband coverage due to the nature of where we live and work but that all changes with 4G Internet. We have various solutions where just 1 bar of 4G signal can be enough to deliver superfast Internet into your home or business that ADSL or Fibre just can't achieve in your area. We can deliver and setup 4G Internet to your home or office as quick as 48 hours from the day you order!


Welsh Government Funding

The Welsh Government are currently running a scheme where 50% of your installation costs are paid for subject to approval. After that the prices are compariable to BT's monthly Fibre Connected Services.

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Pricing To Smile About

Our monthly data prices are extremely cost effective and are compariable to BT's monthly Fibre Connected Services.

With prices starting from just £18.00 per month you will be able to receive broadband and fibre speeds in any location in Wales or rural region.

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Why choose Criccieth TV?

If you have heard about us by recommendation then you'll know that we're the go-to business for SkyTV, Satellite Broadband and Networks in North Wales, but if you haven't then you may need to know a little more about us. Take a look below at why you should choose Criccieth TV as your Satellite Broadband provider.

  • We're a local Welsh, family business

    Criccieth TV started in 1973 and has remained as a family business since that time. Our business has grown through reputation and our mantra of "where service counts" is the foundation of the family values we still hold today to satisfy our customers requirements on a daily basis.

  • Accreditated Engineers

    We are CAI Approved Systems Installers which means that not only are we qualified to complete work on large distribution systems, but also that all of our installations have to meet the required standard. As a consequence, we only use CAI Approved Equipment so you can be assured of quality.

    All of our Engineers are fully trained and certified for Working at Heights. We hold CSCS Cards for working on sites and we maintain the aerial systems for several housing associations. Our engineers have even completed the Official Secret Act for working on MOD Sites!

  • Small & large customers back our reputation

    We are the sole enginners in North Wales that look after Portmerion, Festival No.6 as well as many holiday parks and hotels within the area for their satellite broadband, network and CCTV installations. Those names carry weight and are all able to provider references as to the quality or our work and integrity as a business.

Would you like to know more?

We're extremely approachable and you will be able to discuss your requirements with us without any pressure to buy. You can either drop into our shop in Criccieth, call us or contact us online. We'll be happy to help.

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